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Bimetallic Tubes for Power Plant Condensers

Bimetallic Tubes for Power Plant Condensers

February 22, 2016


Despite the conventional well know Titanium tubes having an excellent resistance to corrosion, they have very limited mechanical properties due to its thin wall thickness. Hence, these tubes are not suitable for retubing in a condenser or heat exchanger using copper alloy tubes.

The solution is to use a Bimetallic Tubes, combining an inner tube of titanium with an outer tube of copper-nickel. This ideal solution is meant only for condensers and heat exchangers using copper alloy tubes.

These Bimetallic tubes has excellent corrosion resistance due to its combination of titanium tubes and copper alloy tubes.

Hence, after retubing, an old condenser can be used like a Titanium Condenser!

The outer tube of Copper Nickel has a better corrosion resistance to stress corrosion cracking and ammonia attack than that found when using an aluminium brass tube as outer tube.